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I would love to help you with your project. To start, let me know a few more details about yourself.

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My commission prices and completion times are determined by: 

Size of the piece
Complexity of the design

In the following screens I'll ask a few questions about your budget, timeline, and desired artwork.

Please describe in basic terms what sort of LEGO mosaic you'd like commissioned. *

Please note that unfortunately I don't accept personal portrait commissions, with the exception of iconic individuals.
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What's your budget?

You might not have a budget in mind. But if you do, please let me know.
What dimensions would be ideal for the piece you have in mind?

If you're not certain just approximate for now.
Height in inches

Width in inches

Would you like to have the LEGO pieces glued to the mosaic? *

Gluing the mosaic adds to the construction time and cost. If the piece will be displayed in a private location gluing the pieces is generally not necessary, but if it will be on display in public it is often a good idea to ensure the integrity of the work.
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